What is the Difference between Woven Fabric & Knit Fabric?

Woven Fabric:

Woven fabrics are made by using two sets of yarn by interlinking among them. One set of yarn is known as warp yarn another one is weft yarn. The total process of producing woven fabric is known as weaving. Woven fabrics are generally produced from handloom or power loom. Shirt, trousers, denim and jeans are the example of woven fabrics.


Knit Fabric

Knit fabrics are produced using one set of yarn by interloping. The process of knit fabric manufacturing is termed as knitting. It is done in knitting factory by using circular knitting machine or flat knitting machine. T-shirt, Polo shirt, inner wear or leggings are the example of knit fabrics.


The Basic Difference between Knit and Woven Fabric

When the knit fabrics is stretched along its width, it will stretch significantly. Along its length, it will stretch slightly. If it is stretched excessively, a run may form. Most woven fabrics can’t stretch along the lengthwise grain (the length of the fabrics), and there is minimal give along the crosswise grain (the width of the fabrics).

When you ball up a knit in your hand, it will crush easily. When you release it, the fabric will spring back into shape with few, if any, wrinkles. When you wad up a woven fabrics, it usually wrinkles easily.