Numerous factors affect your participation in an exhibition. From mesmerising stall to employing well-trained staff, everything should fall at right place. One should give a cutting edge competition by entering the arena of social media and outreach large audience.

Here we come with some tips that will aid you to use social media to the fullest:

A dedicated social media page is a MUST HAVE

A dedicated social media page over different platforms is a must have as it would showcase your products, services and brand(s). Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even YouTube to create pages and channels respectively.

The target audience eagerly waits to know more about your exhibition stand and the booth design. Before the show begins, you can grab the attention by coming up with unique ideas. Your visitors should be informed about your participation, and therefore, social media pages should be created for long lasting and substantial brand presence.

If you are participating in this race of exhibition for the first time, reach out to a larger base of audience prior to the show with the help of social media platforms.

Be it customised exhibition booth or a pop up stand, your customers are waiting for the information.

Upload Photos & Videos

The next step after creating pages on social media forums is to keep your audience updated by posting photos of your booth, status about exhibition or you can even address through live video streaming.

Be a part of the growing trend for live videos over Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. and promote your booth and the activities therein during the show. Another aspect of going live on social media platforms is to cater the need of the audience, who weren’t able to visit the show.